Birthday parties are a blast!   Kids get to see the feats up close and have a ton of souvenirs to keep or give away to their friends!


Public Events

Jeff has performed in conjunction with the City of Lake Charles' Santa's Workshop and Contraband Day Family Night.  Performances can be adjusted to meet the needs of any audience.

Company Events

Contact us if you need a speaker or entertainer for a company event or family day.  We are available to speak to employees or entertain their families.


This is where my feats and performances come full circle.  God has blessed me with strength and the drive to do what seems impossible.  I do not do this to show the world how great I am, but to show the world how great He is.  Without him, I would not be the man I am today.  I have performed for/spoken at Vacation Bible Schools, Children's Church, Men's Group, and entire congregations.  


My school performances have covered a wide variety of topics:

- bullying

- leadership

- recognizing your own worth

- testing skills

Jeff T-Rex Bankens is a minister and performing strongman.  His love of weightlifting began when he was a toddler, watching the Incredible Hulk smash his way through American television.  TRex began lifting weights as a highschool freshman and over two decades later he is STILL putting heavy things over head!  Over ten years ago, his life was forever changed when he discovered the ways of the oldtime strongmen.  Today, TRex uses his talents as an entertainer and speaker to motivate, encourage, and transform the lives of those he speaks to.  TRex is available to speak and perform at schools, birthday parties, churches, corporate events, and homes for troubled youth.

Using Strength to Present Powerful Messages

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